Tournament SWSH 1v1 Divisions Tour - Round 1

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Welcome to the first edition of the 1v1 Divisions Tournament! In this tournament, all the players will be split into four divisions based on past performances and will within their division. There will be 4 brackets running simultaneously, the winner of each will then meet in finals. The goal is to play players around your skill level for the vast majority of the tournament.

Tournament Rules
General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
This tour will be played in a single elimination, Best of Five format. You may switch teams between games.
Each round will take at most seven days. The results of games that are not played will be decided by coinflip or activity call.
If metagame changes occur during the middle of a round, they will take effect in the subsequent round.
Battles must take place on the main server or smogtours.
Replays are required for every round.

Format Resources
This is a standard SS 1v1 tournament.
The viability rankings for SS 1v1 can be found here. Sample teams for SS 1v1 can be found here. The Sets Compendium for SS 1v1 can be found here, while the EV Document for the Sets Compendium can be found here.

Round 1

Division 1

Orangex733 vs Olivine
PokeOtter vs Go greeninja
Fluore vs Mattorr Is Cute
Rafadude thethreepercent
hunternoooob vs RobDog747
Nultiprise vs Eiffel-Hit
Gravity Monkey vs CharaPresscott
Akeras vs MultiPokemon
Theoneumbreon vs Mr.Bossaru
memedose46 vs Marshme1to
isatrapp vs Liimpy
MTB vs kn1ght#6969

Divison 2
SwordIsBored vs Opchurtle100
eu vs Fleeting Memories
Eeveekid10 vs frogfacts
Tom1535 vs bored_glitch
HeyMan vs DMPancake
martinvtran vs Nezloe
greenandgrey77 vs Arvinraj K III C
frostyicelad vs ciarion

Division 3
bo_bobson27 vs Baleblaze
Murman vs Itchy
Joker 1v1 vs Sanshokuinsumireko
Justdelemon vs XanderUrBoi
stravench vs Bomb21XD
bilb owo vs PA
LeCehlou vs doc1203
cleffa hater vs swag god

Division 4
pqs vs torterraxx
neomon vs STABLE
Blanched vs Mishlef

Round 1 Deadline: Sunday, September 18th, at 11:59 PM EDT. No extensions because of swiss.
Guide to scheduling is here:
Because this is swiss, you do not lose the tour because you lost a match (yet).

Good luck and have fun!
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